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Delhi High Court is the top judicial court in Delhi for filing appeal, writ petition, civil suit having valuation of more than 2 crores in addition Delhi High Court as International arbitration centre for conducting arbitration proceedings as Delhi High Court is the most advanced equipped with latest facilities for Lawyers and Litigants and other stakeholders. Delhi High Court is located in heart of Delhi near Supreme Court of India, as our firm partner Gaurav Manuja is known as one of the best Delhi High Court lawyers in Delhi not because only he has a very good track record for getting favourable orders from Delhi High Court but because he gives so much attention to the case of his clients with his well researched and backed with latest judgement. Gaurav Manuja has handled various cases from civil, criminal, taxation, family matters, appeals, writ petitions as by his legal intellect he deserves to be the most dependable lawyer in Delhi High Court. If you are looking for a best advocate in Delhi High Court then Gaurav Manuja is the best choice considering his experience, knowledge and result-oriented mind.

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Legal Services Offered in Delhi High Court

  • Filing Civil Writ Petition: As when aggrieved by any action of government authority which invokes any constitutional validity of any act, statutory rule, regulation or challenging any show cause notice or any government notification impacting any individual writ petitions challenging orders passed by the High court on Administrative side, Transfer petition, Civil writ petition against any educational institution. Gaurav Manuja has been practising law and interpreting various rules and regulations by filing writ petitions before Delhi High Court. Our core practice involves filing writ petitions against tenders, Co-operative societies, MCD matters, DDA matters, land acquisition matters, all civil matters in any categories before Delhi High Court.
  • Filing Criminal Writ Petition: Gaurav Manuja has argued various criminal writ petitions for quashing of FIR, challenging any conviction order, staying criminal investigation, trials and prosecutions etc. Gaurav Manuja is the best criminal lawyer for filing criminal appeals, criminal leave petitions, criminal contempt petitions. He is considered as one of the top lawyers for filing criminal writ petitions including Habeas Corpus and preventive detention. He has argued many cases concerning cases related to sexual harassment and matters related to crime against women.
  • Filing Civil Cases: As Delhi High Court original jurisdiction is above 2 crores any dispute whether it is commercial in nature or non-commercial in nature if the valuation exceeds more than 2 crores then you have to file a case in Delhi High Court only. Gaurav Manuja is the best Civil lawyer in Delhi High Court for any property dispute, suit for specific performance of a contract, will, probate, family property partition, rent control revision, considered as one of the best lawyers for Delhi High Court.
  • Filing Appeals: When searching for a lawyer for filing appeal in Delhi High Court than Gaurav Manuja is one the top lawyer for the matters concerning any civil or any criminal appeal, rent control revisions, land acquisition appeals, appeals Public premises Act, MACT appeals, Regular first appeal, Regular Second appeal, letters patent appeal, execution first appeal, appeal against any family courts orders, VAT appeal, Company Appeals as Manuja Legal is best law firm for filing appeals before Delhi High Court.
  • Trade Mark IPR and Intellectual Property Disputes: Gaurav Manuja is known as the one of the best lawyer for contesting matters relating to IPR disputes and Intellectual property Rights as the IPR division of our firms consists of best team of trademarks attorneys who with there best legal knowledge makes your legal dispute for getting successful results in your trademark disputes. Our firm is known for credibility. If you search for the best law firm for Intellectual property Disputes then you are in the right place and Gaurav Manuja is the best lawyer for Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Arbitration Matters: In today times alternative dispute resolution plays a very significant role when a corporate or any individual requires fast and speedy justice in that case arbitration plays a major role as Gaurav Manuja is known as best arbitration lawyer in Delhi, he has advised corporates, high net worth individuals and many other multinational companies in their arbitration disputes. Gaurav Manuja concluded arbitration claims within a year with his 24*7 work ethics he always prefers that justice in time is the main role of lawyer in arbitration. There are so many cases in which you can have arbitration as a method of dispute resolution. Our best team of excellent arbitration lawyers will help you in your case.
  • Pre-Suit Mediation: Now days litigation can be a life-changing effect on anyone because of the reason Gaurav Manuja always plays a major role before starting any litigation he always gives a chance to parties to mediate as due to some personal egos and other conflicts parties don't want to mediate in that scenario our team can help you to file pre-suit mediation before Delhi High Court and without going to court you can compromise or settle your matter through mediation.

Why To Choose Manuja Legal as Best law firm in Delhi High Court

When to choose the best law for Delhi High Court then Manuja legal is one of the prominent law firm Back with experience team of lawyers as some of the associates of our firm have more than 42 years of experience in litigation and they have a variety of cases in which they have successfully got results in their client favour apart from experience Gaurav Manuja is the most dependable and trusted lawyer he is the one who makes litigation easy with his legal intellect. It is very significant to cross-check before finalising any lawyer for Delhi High Court as matters are related to the fundamental rights or getting stay order and destiny order on a property any inheritance or any company law matter or contempt of court you can surely connect with our managing partner Gaurav Manuja is a member of Delhi High Court bar association and is considered as the one of the best high court lawyer in Delhi.

How Many Jurisdictions in Delhi High Court

  • Original Jurisdiction: Disputes exceeding 2 crore have original jurisdiction.
  • Writ Jurisdiction: Filing of writ petitions under Article 226 for a speedy remedy against any arbitrary action by any government authority.
  • Appellate Jurisdiction: Filing appeals against any decision / orders by Districts Courts in Delhi in both civil and criminal matters.
  • Supervisory Jurisdiction: In this Delhi High Court has superintendence power for exercising supervision over all district courts, subordinate courts within its territory other than military courts and tribunals.

Delhi High Court Lawyer Fees

As lawyer fees depends on type of case and what is the time required in the particular case usually for filing a writ petition before Delhi High Court charges starts from 50,000/ to 1,00,000/, In appeal it starts from 75000 and filling a fresh suit in original side fees starts from 1,5,0000/ lakhs additionally court fees and miscellaneous expenses to be borne by the litigant.

Our Successful Handled Cases in Delhi High Court

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