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Best Lawyer for Cheating & Fraud Cases in Delhi

Cheating and Fraud is the most common way of making easy money as youngsters are falling into the trap of deception without knowing the factuals that it comes under cheating or fraud. As cheating means to deceive someone with prior intention to deceive the person who doesn't know that he will be deceived when the product or services offered will not be given to him by the proposed person.

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Gaurav Manuja is known as the best lawyer for cheating and fraud cases in Delhi as he is a legal crusader with intensive legal research against cheating and fraud cases. He believes when someone is cheated than its not only single person but whole society is cheated by someone act which is only to make easy money by making false promises which will have future repercussion also when cheating is not dealt very seriously as it will affect the whole society as it will set certain examples for someones who want easy money without doing any hard work, if someone has cheated has done fraud with than you can contact Gaurav Manuja definitely with his legal expertise he will definitely make you take right legal action against the cheaters and fraudsters.

Types of Cheating and Fraud

Cheating in Immovable Properties: Now days a lot of cases came in light regarding fraud and cheating cases in property related issues as everyone knows immovable property or real estate is very expensive in Delhi and NCR which makes it more vulnerable as by submitting false declaration and property someone can easily get properties from government ie DDA by submitting forged and fabricated documents. As it is, government officials don't verify whether the submission by the person is correct or there is any concealment by the person who has given the documents. If someone does this act then it will attract 420 for Cheating / 468 for Forgery IPC.

Deception for Cheating and Fraud: Deceptive Businesses are now growing in a large volume whether it's online or offline as it is very easy for fraudsters to deceive the person with making false promises with deceptive intention to cheat using personal information of the deceived person.

Cyber Crime : These crimes are very frequent with showing false claims to deceive the consumer by offering or luring non-existent schemes which are not available and they hack the personal data from computers and misuse them for their gain motive and cyber crime .

Misrepresentation : In this fraudster claims that they will provide you with any financial gain through their business leads by investing in their business entity and they conceal the proper information and manipulate the facts and figure which results in huge money loss for the consumer.

Criminal Breach of Trust : This is a very common practice by cheaters and fraudsters as they take trust and breach the trust by taking undue advantage of the situation involved with intention to cheat.

Financial Cheating : This is a very common way of cheating, gaining advantage of the circumstances in which a situation is created in a way that a financial fraud cant be detected in a primary stage and the victim is unaware of the fact that his financial transaction and records are stolen for the purpose of financial scam.

Why Gaurav Manuja for Handling your cheating and fraud matters in Delhi

As leading legal firm in Delhi with expertise in handling such types of cases as the main legal practice as the case may our founder Mr. Gaurav Manuja has dealt very aggressively against the fraudsters and cheaters as a legal crusader he knows when to penetrate the right legal action with effective remedy and to get speedy justice.We can help you on due diligence for any transaction that involves Higher transaction as taking legal opinion may reduce risk for getting into trap of these fraudsters and cheaters. There is no surety that any cheater belongs to a particular group he can be a government employee or any private employee of a reputed company. You can directly file a police complaint directly in case police refuse to file an FIR then you can connect with us if you want any assistance for registration of FIR in your matter.

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