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Best Property Lawyer in Delhi

Finding a good property lawyer can be a big task especially when you are buying your property with your hard earned money. When there is a property dispute it can take your peace of mind by making everyday a day of anxiety as you can't predict who will win or lose property battle. When it comes to property disputes Gaurav Manuja is one the best lawyer for real estate and property disputes. He has handled property litigation and knows all legal consequences in property disputes.

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How to check any land /property / real estate is free from all legal defects and encumbrances

First of all you have to check the current ownership of the property you are buying and how the current owner became the owner by virtue of any sale deed or any registered sale agreement. Now this also very tricky what is difference between agreement to sale and sale deed in legal terms of property, sale deed has upper hand over agreement to sell as agreement to sell can challenged in court of law because of non performance of any clause in agreement to sell but in sale deed there are restrictions in challenging the sale deed in court of law.

Our Services in Property Disputes Matters

  • Legal opinion for Pre-sell and purchase: We provide legal opinion on real estate / land / property whether the said property is free from all encumbrances or the property has any legal defect or the property is free from family disputes.
  • Pre-Suit Litigation: Our Best property lawyers can assist you with a pre pre-suit mediation before going in court of law or starting any property dispute for any agreement to sell.
  • Handling Property cases in Court of Law: Litigation for Property dispute in terms when there is fulfilment of condition precedent with advising on ulterior transfer conditional on happening or not happening of specified event.
  • Drafting Sale Agreement: As this is the most important in buying property as agreement must be drafted with equal rights and liabilities of both parties and ensuring that rights of any party deprived in that agreement to sell.
  • NRI Property / Real Estate Advisory: As buying property for an NRI in India is a very complex issue as you have to check the validation transfer of property in favour of any NRI whether there is contingent contract or the property has any distinct interest whether it is used for commercial or residential purpose for any advisory related in buying and selling you can contact our best legal experts on this matters we can handle all your query whether the property has a defective title or you can use the property under defective title or transfer of property in pending suit relating thereto.
  • Property Inheritance : We advise on the rights and liabilities of buyer and seller when the property or any real estate comes through inheritance,will,succession through court of law with future legal liabilities when the seller is bound to disclose legal defect in the title or the validation of partition of property.Transfer of property through gift deed or any will you have to check whether the girt compromising both existing and future property is void as to the latter or the previous owner.
  • Inspection of Documents : before buying the property you must ensure that the property is free any mortgagee or any lien as long there is a mortgage or any specific decree in the property than buying the property In the said scenario will be very risky therefore for taking extra precautionary measures and to ensure that the property acquired through a valid transferred without any encumbrance. You can contact us for checking or verifying the documents of the property are genuine or not.

What legal matters do real estate lawyers address?

Legal Advisory in a Specific performance of contract in real estate when there is any contingent transfer on happening of specified uncertain event in fulfilment of condition precedent.Legal opinion on Partition of Family Property Disputes Matters determination of the legal recourse a property lawyer lawyer can penetrate your legal strategy in your property dispute matters whether you can forfeited the advance amount or not.

Why to Consider Gaurav Manuja as your top lawyer for a Real Estate Matters in Delhi

When finding a reliable lawyer for property disputes your ultimate choice would be our legal expert Gaurav Manuja who has the ability to find the root cause of the property dispute . Gaurav manuja ia experienced lawyer for real estate disputes he has handled litigation in land matters cases against government authorities and getting the land dispute resolved within a short period of time. He succeeded in getting allotment of plots from various land owning agency or revocation of any lease deed or any conveyance deed through court of law. He Knows rights of the parties for their legal rights and can advise you on gifting of existing and future property whether there is any encumbrance for that property or not.

Why Choose Manuja and Manuja as best real estate law firm in Delhi

As one choice for all your property disputes can be solved under one roof we have a team of best lawyers who can assist you in legal tussle when the matter is in court of law. Real Estate Disputes are not very easy. It needs specific legal checks for getting success in litigation in property matters. As when choosing the best law firm for your property litigation you have to consider the expertise of the lawyers in the real estate sectors as Manuja legal is one of the premium real estate law firm considering the rich experience of the counsel of Manuja Legal.

Our Successful Handled Property Cases

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