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The Real Estate Act, or RERA, is responsible for enabling transparency and accountability in property-related affairs. Choosing the best RERA lawyer is crucial if you want to offer helpful guidance when requesting legal assistance as Gaurav Manuja is known for its Rera Law Practice as he has handled rera matters with so much ease as to get the justice in time under the rera laws as mainly builder buyer despite is most common dispute arising when someone buys a property as there are so many legal checks as whether the builder has completed the project with the complete noc and builder has taken complete noc from land owning agency or government agency, for these legal checks and balances due diligence for the builder project the government introduced the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act to help buyers with these issues.

Gaurav Manuja is RERA specialist lawyer his knowledge for land disputes matters in Delhi's is distinct with current housing market and is proficient in a wide range of scenarios, including conflicts between builders and issues with regulatory compliance Purchasing a home could be challenging if builders overcharge, steal, or cause delays in their work. Remarkably, eighty percent of the twenty-five lakh residential projects initiated in the past 10 years have encountered delays.

Our Legal Services for RERA

Filing RERA Appeals

We Assist flat owners filing RERA appeals in timer as delay filing may prejudice your legal rights and remedy.

Drafting Builder, Buyer Disputes Agreement

Before Buying any property or investing in a project you must ensure to draft agreement as per current RERA laws as there are so many amendments from time to time which have to be checked.

Due Diligence of Builder Project

This is most ignored when any buyer is buying or investing in any project as the project without legal title will not not the right legal title as there are so many projects which dont have have any approval from agency thereby making them a very crucial when due diligence is compromise when buying or investing in a project.

Checking Builders Projects Ownership Papers

This has to be checked with through investigation as it needs proper attention and time by checking land owning records and legal defects of the land.

Possession Related Issues

When Builder is not issuing possession letter then its onus on buyer to prove the delays on the builder side and take appropriate legal remedy as per the RERA act for getting the possession of the project in time as delay in possession may cause financial burden to individuals.

Refund from Builders

When projects are delayed and in habitat for living or the project as shown is not delivered as per the promise by the builder then you can seek damages and refund with interest from the concerned builder.

Legal Opinion on Builders Projects

Getting legal opinion on projects can make sure that you are not investing in a wrong project or money invested by you can be recovered through RERA or not.

Legal Notice for Issuing Possession

We assist you for issuing legal notice under RERA ACt if Builder is giving you refund or possession or denying you from their legal rights as available to you under the RERA laws.

Filing Civil Damages Cases Against Builder

If builder is not registered under RERA than you have civil remedy filing civil cases for getting the possession or refund but you must check the limitation also as there is limitation also in filing civil case therefore you must always talk with RERA expert as it will help you to get legal justice in time.

Filing Criminal Cases Assignment Builders

Additionally with civil you can file criminal cases against builders for cheating, fraud played by them in case they have induced you with their deceptive sales marketing and getting your hard earned money wasted in their project.

Who is the best RERA lawyer in Delhi?

When it comes for choosing best RERA lawyer in Delhi then Gaurav Manuja is the only choice his legal knowledge under RERA law is par excellence and with legal advice you will definitely be able to get a right approach for your RERA appeal as understanding the range of situations that an RERA attorney may manage is necessary to select the best legal counsel. Specialists in this field can manage a range of real estate issues, including:

Types of RERA Cases

Builder Conflicts:

When disagreements emerge between purchasers and builders about changes to the building design, problems with quality, or delays in the process, legal lawyers provide crucial advice.

Property Concerns

Experts resolve complicated issues concerning disputes over land rights and guarantee legitimate and unambiguous property ownership.

Regulatory Compliance

To operate inside the RERA system and manage the environment, one must have a thorough understanding of the law. In order to make sure that RERA regulations are followed, contractors, builders, and property investors can receive professional support.

Tenant-Landlord Conflicts

Security deposit and lease terms are regularly negotiated by tenants and landlords.

Property Agreements

Client interests are safeguarded by carefully handling every facet of property transactions. This entails ensuring a smooth property transfer as well as creating and revising purchase agreements.

Rera Lawyer Fees

It depends on project to project if the builder reputation is good and there is possibility of getting possession or timely refund with issuing legal notice than fees can less in that scenario but if builder is not willing to handover the possession or played fraud upon you and decided you file multiple cases against the builder under RERA and legal remedies available as per law. Approx legal fees for RERA appeals starts from 50000*

Can I get relief in a cheating case against a builder?

It all depends how good your lawyer is as the remedy under the cheating is only to punish the builder for the wrong committed by the builder yo can avail compensation Only through civil recourse ie RERA appeals and Civil cases

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