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Gaurav Manuja - Best Advocate in Rohini Court

Gaurav Manuja is one of the top Advocate in Rohini Court. He has handled a variety of cases including criminal, civil, property disputes matters, succession, will, probate, rent eviction matters, mact appeals matters, regular bail, anticipatory bail, money recovery cases, Registration of FIR in cheating and forgery, Cases and family disputes. He believes in justice equality for every citizen and his client-focused approach gives him a title of most truthful and dependable advocate in Rohini court and is the Top arguing counsel with in-depth legal knowledge and intensive legal research.

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Our Legal Services in Rohini Court Delhi

  • Stay on Property: Our legal experts will advise you to get a stay in your pending litigation.
  • Suit for Permanent Injunction: You can contact us in case if someone has breached your rights and privileges whether if someone has misused your property or wants dispossessing from the property.
  • Legal Rights of Legal Heirs: Nowadays there are multiple cases where a sibling cheats other siblings and sell the property without knowledge. We can guide you on how to take legal recourse if someone has done the same with you.
  • Taking the Right Legal Action at Right Time: Our law firm advocates with experience of handling a vast variety of cases in Civil, Criminal, and Family Matters will advise you when to take legal recourse at the right time.
  • Civil Matters in Rohini Court: Gaurav Manuja is the top Advocate for arguing a Stay application in civil matters. His legal expertise helped many clients to get an Ex-Parte stay order in Rohini Court. In 2022 Gaurav Manuja argued and successfully got 5 ex–party Stays for his Clients. Civil Contracts / Specific Performance in Property Matters: When it comes to Civil practice then Gaurav Manuja is the best-renowned name when someone wants a win situation in his civil property dispute matters in Rohini Court, He has very deep knowledge of Property laws whether it is Building Act/ MCD Act / DDA / Specific Relief Act.
  • Criminal Matters in Rohini Court: When it comes to criminal matters everyone is scared about the lengthy legal proceedings, especially in District courts but our Legal Visionary founder Mr. Gaurav Manuja has handled criminal matters and advocated for disposing of the criminal matters within time Gaurav Manuja believes in Justice delayed is Justice Denied.
  • Family Matters in Rohini Court: Gaurav Manuja has argued many criminal matters pertaining to anticipatory Bail, Regular bail, Quashing of FIR in cheating / fake dowry / fake women-related offenses, Framing of Charge/ sentence.
  • Civil Property ownership disputes: We provide Due Diligence services related to property matters and civil contracts including specific Performance .Further verifying the Legal update and getting the current status of the Property related to any pending court case or any dispute and Legal opinion of the property. Our Litigation Service includes arbitration proceedings for alternative dispute resolution.

Rohini Court Jurisdiction District Wise

Rohini Court consists of 2 Jurisdictions North and North West and building of the Rohini Courts Complex was completed in the year 2005. The Courts Consist Civil, Criminal, Rent, and Motor Accident Claims cases pertaining to West and North-West Districts.

Why Choose Gaurav Manuja as the top Advocate in Rohini Court

  • Gaurav Manuja is a legal scholar with extensive in-depth legal knowledge and legal acumen.
  • His expertise provides a variety of opportunities to defend his clients in litigation matters.
  • Gaurav has a proven track record with favorable outcomes for his clients in various civil and criminal cases.
  • His specialization related to specific performance of contracts is very impressive and in a notable achievement, Gaurav successfully concluded a 32-year-long litigation in just a couple of hearings.
  • His in-depth Legal arguments led the judge to dismiss the case in favor of his client.
  • Gaurav believes in providing sound legal advice to litigants, guiding them on genuine legal resources available for a speedy trial.
  • He is an expert in challenging lower court orders in the high court and obtaining relief for his clients.
  • Litigation is not about fighting in courts it is about your rights and privileges available in law


What are the fees of a Rohini court Advocate in Delhi?

Advocate fees depend on case to case all cases are not similar some cases need special attention and a Advocate’s expertise in some its very easy for a Advocate to handle the case there no set benchmark of Advocate fees but usually normal fees in civil matters fees can be approx about minimum 50 thousand and go maximum to the working hour of a Advocate or law firm. Usually, Advocates in Rohini court charge a lump sum retainership fees with separate hearing charges. GST is not applicable on Advocates fees and only TDS is applicable on Advocates fees.

Our Successful Handled Cases in Rohini Court

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