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Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

Marriage is greatly valued and venerated as a religious ritual in India, especially among Hindus. Marriage has developed, despite its traditional foundation, with shifting laws and societal duties. A wonderful marriage can provide happiness, however, a problematic marriage can cause sadness for the couple and their families. Marriage and divorce frequently go hand in hand, demanding careful consideration and skilled counsel. Choose the greatest divorce lawyer in Delhi.

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Our Specialization and Best Divorce Advocate in Delhi

Gaurav Manuja, a qualified and best divorce advocate in Delhi, can assist you in this matter. If you find yourself in a situation where ending a marriage is an appropriate option, Gaurav Manuja can provide the necessary advice. He ensures a smooth and efficient process by being well-versed in personal laws as they are fashioned by customs clearance. Your decision to contact Gaurav Manuja could be the first step in resolving issues calmly and moving forward. Check out our areas of expertise and the types of divorces we handle:

Mutual Divorce

Mutual Divorce is a familiar name that everyone has heard at least once in their lives, but it is also known as mutual consent. When both spouses jointly agree that they can no longer live together and have no other option, the mutual divorce form is used. They would file a mutual divorce petition before the court without making any accusations against one other.

Fault Divorce

In the fault theory of divorce, one spouse petitions the court for divorce based on the fault of the other spouse. A guilty and an innocent party are required, and only the innocent party may seek the remedy of divorce.

What stages do we take in the divorce process?

  • Step-1 Submit the divorce application.
  • Step-2 Obtain interim orders from the court.
  • Step-3 Keep evidence of service.
  • Step-4 Make an agreement.
  • Step-5 Proceed to the pathway.
  • Step-6 Complete the decision.

Law for divorce in India

Divorce laws in India are as diverse as the country itself. With an ever-changing society and rapidly changing laws, it is possible for a person to become entangled in its complexities, with no other effective recourse remaining but to pursue a lawsuit. Dogfighting in a marriage is inescapable and can result in both civil and criminal proceedings. At this point, a person should look for the best divorce lawyer to help ease the process.

Hindu Marriage Divorce Act of 1955

According to Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act, the following are the grounds for divorce:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Insanity
  • Renunciation
  • Cruelty
  • Venereal disease
  • Presumption of death

According to the Muslim Marriage Divorce Act, 1939

In comparison to Hindu marriages, Muslim marriages are more of a contract. As a result, Muslim marriage and divorce rules differ from Hindu ones. The following are the reasons why a Muslim man or woman can seek divorce:

  • The activities of the husband have been unknown for four years.
  • For two years, the man neglected to pay his wife's maintenance.
  • The husband has been imprisoned for seven years or more.
  • In a Muslim marriage, either partner may seek a divorce if he or she suffers mental or physical harm.
  • If the girl got hitched before the age of 15 and desires to divorce/end the marriage before the age of 18.

The Divorce Lawyer's Role in Guiding Marital Journeys and Unraveling Bonds

A qualified divorce lawyer can assist you with more than just presenting your case in court. They can help you get your marriage officially registered, handle custody paperwork, adopt a child, ask for conjugal rights to be restored, get a temporary separation, arrange financial support while the case is ongoing, secure long-term financial support, and even guide both sides to talk things out peacefully.

The best divorce advocate in Delhi might potentially flip the tables while facilitating the entire process. He does admirably in arguing your argument on the aforementioned basis. When looking for a divorce lawyer, you should look for honest and sincere advice that is backed up by expertise.

Why do clients like Gaurav Manuja?

Why you chose us is a difficult question! So, here are some of the reasons why our Manuja firm is superior to others. Manuja and our team have been handling separation cases quietly for many years, constantly attempting to alleviate the customer's distress. Situations in the field of marriage-related concerns might take a serious turn, potentially leading to unintended consequences. The legal team led by Gaurav Manuja is committed to providing you with excellent divorce legal guidance. Their professional counsel will guide you through the procedure, aiming for a favorable settlement and protecting you from undesirable outcomes.

Gaurav Manuja: Advancing Divorce Law Expertise

Advocate Gaurav Manuja excels in a variety of crucial areas, including child custody, financial support such as alimony, dealing with domestic issues that lead to separation, legal measures such as anticipatory bail, and matters involving sections such as 498A Crpc. Gaurav Manuja's experience ranges from Delhi's family courts to the federal level. So, if you're looking for a qualified divorce lawyer in Delhi, getting in touch with Mr. Manuja ensures a smooth and trouble-free legal trip.

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