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Nakul Manuja


  • Advocate Supreme Court
  • Present Membership
  • Supreme Court Bar Association
  • Delhi High Court Bar Association
  • Rohini Court Bar Association


Nakul Manuja is renowned as one of the finest lawyers, having successfully handled a diverse range of cases spanning his extensive legal career. As a founding partner of Manuja and Manuja legal, he has not only provided a clear vision for our law firm but has also been instrumental in shaping its trajectory.

A member of both the Supreme Court Bar Association and Delhi High Court Bar Association, Nakul primarily specializes in civil, criminal, and corporate law. With a wealth of experience in property and real estate disputes, he has adeptly managed highly complex cases in this domain. Nakul has guided numerous clients towards amicable resolutions in property disputes.

Nakul practices alternative dispute resolution, further enhancing his reputation as a top-tier lawyer of Manuja and Manuja legal. His expertise in civil law renders him particularly effective in arbitration matters, establishing him as a leading legal practitioner in the Delhi High Court.


With his exceptional knowledge and experience, Nakul Manuja firmly believes in the importance of transparency and openness in his legal practice. He understands that clear communication and honesty are paramount in fostering trust between himself and his clients. This belief drives him to ensure that his clients are fully informed about their legal situation, the potential outcomes, and the strategies he employs to achieve their goals.

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