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Best Anticipatory Bail Lawyer in Delhi

Gaurav Manuja is one of the best lawyer for getting anticipatory bail in Delhi as he has argued very crucial matter concerning human rights violation and challenging arbitrariness of police against innocent person who are accused of doing nothing ass now days police has taken laws in their own hand they don't follow the laws of the land. When it comes to arguing anticipatory bail you must check following due diligence if you are suspect in any criminal offence.If there is a serious apprehension of arrest in any criminal offence then you must file anticipatory bail Under Section 438 CRPC before the Session and the High Court.

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Anticipatory Bail laws in India

As in India law for anticipatory means when any person has any reason to believe that there are any chance of arrest under any criminal offence in a non-bailable offence then under section 438 Crpc he / she can apply for anticipatory bail. As there are certain guidelines mentioned in this section to decide when to grant anticipatory bail or not.The applicant must have a clean record. considering the facts and circumstances of the case and the fact that there was no predetermined or planned act by the applicant or there no direct involvement in the criminal offence of the alleged person.

Types of Bail

  • Anticipatory Bail: Before arrest any one can get the anticipatory bail
  • Regular Bail: After Arrest when a person is in Judicial Custody then he/she has to apply bail before a concerned magistrate.
  • Interim Bail: Temporary BAil during the pendency of regular or anticipatory bail.
  • Default Bail: When the person is in police custody then under section 167 CRPC the accused person must be p[resented before magistrate then magistrat can authorise the detention for a maximum period of 15 days in cases involving offences punishable by death , life imprisonment or imprisonment of at least 10 years the detention of the accused person cannot be exceeded 90 days.
  • Medical Bail: In this a person gets bail granted on medical grounds considering his/her medical condition.

What is Section 438

It is a very crucial and essential section in CRPc for the criminal justice system providing alleged or accused individuals with the opportunity to secure their legal rights and remedy under section 438 crpc. As the consideration of 438 crpc allows rights and liberties of individuals allowing them to get justice available per law.

What is the procedure and cost of an anticipatory bail?

Before filing anticipatory you must know the offences alleged in the FIR as if the offences are bailable in nature then there is no need for any anticipatory bail but in case the offices are non bailable in nature then you must consult with a legal expert before joining taking any legal remedy.

  1. Consult a legal expert.
  2. Get a Copy of FIR from the concerned police station.
  3. Collect evidence showing your innocence.
  4. Legal opinion whether to file anticipatory bail or not.
  5. File the anticipatory bail before session or High court.

Cost for filing anticipatory bail before session 75000/ and before High Court is 1,10,000/ and it may vary to the offences and nature of crime committed or the allegation in the FIR.

What is the rule for anticipatory bail?

As the main purpose or rule is to prevent the innocent persons from being implicated in false case by some powerful persons or any other and therefore anticipatory bail has to be granted when it appears the accused person seeking the anticipatory bail is being wrongly farmed in the FIR or criminal offence which he/she has not done.

What is the difference between police bail and court bail?

Police bail is granted when the offences are bailable in nature but other cases when the offences are non-bailable in nature then bail can be granted by the court only. Police can also grant bail when there are reasonable grounds for believing that the accused has committed a bailable offence.

Who is the best anticipatory lawyer in Delhi?

Gaurav Manuja top criminal lawyer for getting anticipatory bail in Delhi as his legal research on the relevant topic makes him the expert criminal lawyer who can assure you to get anticipatory bail as his arguments is based on merits of the case with relevant Indian criminal jurisprudence and it well recognized principle among the all the judicial systems. He determined that every innocent person must get the legal right in a speedy way if you are seeking bail in non- bailable offences then he is the right choice for getting you the positive outcomes.

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