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Gaurav Manuja best Civil Lawyer in Delhi

Manuja legal is a pioneer law firm when it comes to setting up a successful civil law remedy available as per law in Supreme Court, High Courts and all District Courts.Civil Lawyer plays a major role in a society as civil laws in India cover a wide range of issues related to the rights and responsibilities of individuals, corporations, and the government. This purpose is for Governing contracts and agreements between parties Indian Contract Act, 1872 CIVIL LAWYERS PLAYS a major role as in another way for the law which Specifies the conditions for a valid contract and the consequences of breach is Specific Relief Act, 1963 and Gaurav Manuja is Best Civil Lawyer in Delhi for such civil case which Provides remedies for civil wrongs other than those arising from contractual obligations.

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What Civil Lawyer Do

A civil lawyer will address civil wrongs or injuries caused to a person or property not arising out of a contract. Compensation is sought for damages resulting from negligence, defamation, nuisance, etc.Civil lawyers will give you the time limit within which legal proceedings must be initiated for various civil matters as failure to file a case within the specified period may lead to the claim being barred by limitation.

Best Legal Service for Civil Matters in Delhi, India

Gaurav Manuja is an experienced civil lawyer in issues like specific performance of contracts, injunctions, and recovery of possession of property. His legal research on case studies spending time on core issues involved in the court case as the main issue in a litigation is what and when to proceed in a case when there are more stakes.

Our Services in Civil Matters in Delhi,India

  • When you want any Compensation from damages resulting from negligence, defamation, nuisance etc
  • Arbitration Assisting in alternative dispute resolution process through arbitration and conciliation which provides a framework for the settlement of disputes outside of traditional court litigation.
  • Money Recovery Cases requires civil lawyers and it is very important that ignorance of law is not the defence as in general view public ignores civil law procedures as in civil law admission is the most important fact therefore before sending any legal notice or any submission to opposite party please contact your lawyer first as it may affect your civil case.
  • Civil Disputes related to Contracts for Property Matters which gives results in getting the property disputes on track.
  • Civil Defamation in which you can sue for defamation in case someone has defamed and harmed your reputation.
  • Tenancy matters will also come under civil court as it is very common and very crucial when it comes for Tenancy agreement termination.As in common most of the persons dont registered the rent agreement as it is necessary to registered rent agreement if the duration is more than 11 months there is no need for registration of rent agreement if the duration is less than 11 months. This plays a major role in rent eviction matters. Our firm has handled a vast variety in handling the rent eviction matters.
  • Civil Writ petitions in high Courts for enforcing your fundamental rights against any government agency like DDA, MCD, DJB or any government authority. In many cases DDA refuses to issue conveyance deeds in some property allotted by them in that case under Article 226 of the Constitution of India we can file writ petition in Delhi High Court for issuing writ against DDA for that specific purpose.
  • Civil litigation has the most vast and large laws which set rludes matrimonial laws , family laws,company law , Intellectual property law all cases pertaining to these categories comes under civil law.
  • Our firm has handled a variety of matters under NCLT for Insolvency and Bankruptcy adjudicating admission or reflection under insolvency application as the role of the NCLt is tomappoint the IRP and later RP based on the recommendation of CoC. It is very important as NCLT proceedings include arbitration, Compromise, arrangements,reconstructions,and the winding up of the companies.
  • IPR infringement Matters is also comes under civil law to adjudicate matters related to patents,trademarks,industrial ,copyrights,, Trade secrets which can be covered under the intellectual property rights for brand protection.
  • Our firm also handles Consumer Disputes matters which comes under National Disputes Redressal Commission in short NCDRC for protection of consumers.

Why to choose Gaurav Manuja as top Civil Lawyer in Delhi

Gaurav Manuja is a dependable civil practice lawyer and he covers all civil areas as mentioned above which comes under civil law Further some of the associate partners at Manuja legal have over 42 years of experience in civil law practice. Firm Covers various aspects such as sales, mortgages, leases, and gifts of immovable property, IPR trademark infringement Matters .Manuja Legal handled various matters related to the inheritance of property, wills, and testamentary succession. Family Laws: Hindu Marriage Act 1955,Special Marriage Act, 1954, NCLT Matters , Company Contracts Matters. Ex- Party Stay and Injunction related to property or any other specific purpose which is the most important part of civil law.

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