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Gaurav Manuja Legal Best Taxation Lawyer in Delhi

Gaurav Manuja has handled Taxation Litigation for various big CA Firms as considering him best tax lawyer in Delhi as Tax is the main source of Income for the Government because of this taxation legal matters are very big concerns if it is not taken seriously as taxation litigation requires in-depth legal research and representation with leading Case Law.

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Gaurav Manuja best Taxation lawyer in Delhi , Our Firm Taxation Litigation practice involves advising clients in appeal related income tax notices challenging them related to direct tax or indirect tax issues any issues related to custom duty , excise duty, service tax, gift tax , sales tax and other transactional tax and local applicable taxes or whether it is short / long term capital gain tax.

He has a vast knowledge of legal issues arising out of a gain arising of any capital asset which can be charged under Capitals Gains and is classified as “ Short Term Capital Gains “ and “Long Term Capital Term”.

Types of Taxes

  • Goods and Services Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Entertainment Tax
  • Central Sales Tax
  • Taxes on lottery gambling and betting
  • Stamp Duty Tax
  • Excise Duty Tax

Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) : Its is collected as per Income Tax Provision of INcome Tax Act 1961 as the central board for direct taxes is responsible for managing it it applicable on salary,commission,rent , brokerage, professional fees , interest earned several financial investments earning from lotteries , rent income and professional which keeps the revenue source for the govt throughout the year which prevents peoples from e=vading taxes.

Our Services in Taxation Matters:

  • Advisory services for short Term And Long Term capital gains including wearing apparel, jewellery, drawings , paintings,sculptures, and artwork, and furniture held for personal use.
  • Litigation services for Direct and direct taxes including income tax , gift, service tax or any custom duty matters.
  • Legal Services to GST appeal and handling top to bottom litigation in GST Matters.
  • Matters related to inheritance tax and its advisory as this tax is levied when any person receives the property through any inheritance.
  • Challenging Gift Taxation orders before any court or any tribunal or any advisory on Taxation Disputes.
  • Litigation services to Property Tax matters Related to MCD , DDA , L&DO.
  • Anti-Dumping matters in export related issues or any Taxation services to import or export duties applicable as per applicable laws of India.
  • The income tax filing services With Manuja legal you can avail of various tax-related services, which include: ● Income tax return filing ● Update tax return filing ● Tax notice assistance ● Tax refund assistance ● Income tax planning ● Any income tax queries
  • Our tax practice allows the firm to address and assist in a wide spectrum of matters, consisting not only of legal advisory but also of engaging in in-depth strategies related to cross-border business and transactions within the company. We are the face of the best income tax lawyers in Delhi, who can represent your company in the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Delhi. We have a proven record of representing our clients at different courts of Law including Income Tax Tribunal (ITT), Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) / High Courts and Supreme Courts.

Why to Choose Gaurav Manuja as Tax Lawyer in Delhi

Our Taxation Litigation team is Handling Taxation matters concerning variety of individually and Gaurav Manuja is handling top CA Pitam Goel who is currently treasurer of NIRC of ICAI as when it comes to litigation in taxation matters the best chartered accountants of India prefers Gaurav Manuja for handling there personal litigation matters. The advice and very well legal knowledge of Gaurav Manuja is outstanding whether it is advisory or litigation. As Manuja Legal handles most of the cases which are specially related to a new formation of Taxation Law Advisory firm in Delhi. Our Firm has been successful in getting taxation orders quashed by a well done legal research in Taxation Matters.

Our Successful Handled Cases in Taxtion

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